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We have switched blogging platforms from WordPress to Blogger.  This is a bit of an experiment, but for a while we will be updating our new site at senneffsieben.blogspot.com.    This site will remain (but unupdated) until we’ve either worked all the bugs out or decided to throw in the towel and switch back.  


The Senneff Sieben


A Stroll in Cinque Terre

This place is amazing. 

The next stop in our Italian getaway was Cinque Terre,  an area along the Ligurian coasts of Italy where five small sun-drenched towns are linked together only by boat, train, or hiking trails through the Cinque Terre National Park.   We drove to Riomaggiore, the western-most town, and decided to walk the only stretch of the hike that is stroller-friendly to the neighboring town of Manarolo.

The path between Riomaggiore and Manorola is cut into the side of the cliff and provided some really dramatic blue-water sea views:

Although filled with plenty of tourists, the towns themselves are quaint, colorful, and memorable.

The stretch of hike between Riomaggiore and Manorolo is aptly named the Via dell’ Amore (Pathway of Love).  It is littered with padlocks clasped to fences, wires and anywhere else space can be found.  It is tradition for two lovers to close a padlock together somewhere along this romantic stroll as a symbol of their love, and so the path is decorated by thousands of them.

The kissing bench.

If a way down to the water can be found, sunbathers seem to find a perch on a rocky outcropping to soak in the sun or do a little cliff diving.

There is something about the towns themselves, with their harbors, colors, laid-back Italy attitude, and sea-side culture that make them very attractive places to be.  It is easy to see why people fall in love with the area.

It was a really memorable experience for the whole Senneff Sieben:

Kasten Klettern

THE GAME is called Kasten Klettern. The object is to build a ladder out of empty plastic coke crates, stacked on by one…while standing on the ladder.  This Sunday was Erlebnistag Deutsch Weinstrasse, the day  our street closes for 330,000 bike riders who ride up and down the Weinstrasse  stopping for food, music and wine, and occasionally stop for entertainment. Its also the day when the local boy scouts set up a Kasten Klettern rig across the street.    For a while the spectators stopped to watch little Kiersten, among the youngest of the days competitors,  scamper up a very respectable 12 crates.  She will hold the title of the best Kletterer of the Senneff Sieben for at least the next year.