The Trashy Neighbors

IN DEUTSCHLAND, FOR A FAMILY OF SEVEN GARBAGE DAY IS AN EVENT. It comes only once every two weeks, and garbage must be meticulously sorted and placed on the curb in a certain fashion. It’s not like Iowa, you can’t just plop your refuse on the curb every week.   Every other Wednesday night we spend 30 minutes or so carting the trash out of the basement storage room (where it waits for garbage day) and laying the garbage on the curb in preparation for the morning collection. Unfortunately, two weeks ago they moved the garbage day ahead by one day and we missed the memo, so tonight we set out a whole months worth.  In the interest of morbid curiosity, here is what that looks like:

So from left to right, here is what we just set out.

  • 13 bags of recycleables (yellow)
  • 16 bags of paper
  • 1 120L can of waste (mostly food, ew)
  • 1 extra blue bag of waste for when the can gets full
  • 1 big white bag of smelly goo in an unauthorized bag I found in the basement (should have opened and sorted but chickened out, stuffed it into the garbage can)
  • 2 bags of diapers, to be placed only on top of the garbage can
  • 3 bags of empty wine soda bottles.

By comparison, our neighbors set out one garbage can and 2 yellow bags. Win.


Airing our garbage

This is our garbage can. We don’t get to use the whole can, there is an insert in it that makes it so you can only use about a third of it.  It  officially is a “40 Liter” bin, which means it it holds about one smaller sized kitchen garbage bag.   And no, they won´t pick up extra bags just lying on top or by the side…it has to fit in the can. And oh yeah, they only come once every two weeks.  And oh yeah, we have five kids and one that´s not potty trained.  I think Jazzy just filled her diaper with more than 40 Liters.