Speyer Technik Museum

Sunday brought unusually warm weather, more snow melt and a nice sunny day to visit the nearby Speyer Technical Museum. There, we had the chance to inspect up close all manner of aircraft, a russian space shuttle, old and new bikes, boats and submarines, cars, motorcycles and trains.

Best of all was the rocket-speed tube slide that came protruding out of a a 747 exhibit. The museam featured an elevated 747 that you could tour, through cabins and luggage compartments, even crawling out onto the wing for a view of the entire city of Speyer.  On this aircraft there were only two exits:  The civil way – down the stairs like you came, or  by holding on to your 2 year old daughter for dear life after you have situated yourself on a cloth sack and launched yourself barreling down a vertical tube slide like greased lightening.

We opted for  the latter.