Sadly, our stuff has arrived.

On the plus side, our air shipment was delivered this week.  Most of our stuff is shipped by sea and won’t get here for a couple more weeks, but the air shipment (about 4x4x6 ft crate) is supposed to be for necessities, things you “can’t live without”.  We were under the impression, then, that the air shipment would get here about the same time we did (after all, we got here by air too) so we packed a lot we counted on having- including all of Aaron’s business clothes – into it.  Then, as the movers were pulling out of our driveway in Ankeny we got a call from our relocation agent who just called to tell us that everythings all set and “it should be there as soon as 2 weeks from now, but maybe 4.”  Oh.  OH!  Necessities? It was a good thing I didn’t air ship my pacemaker. 

So in the mean time, we bought all new clothes for Aaron (score!) and bought long sleave shirts, pants and jackets for the kids since all we had for them was summer stuff (and of course, it was unseasonably cold).

Nevertheless, some our stuff is here and the kids opened the packaging like it was Christmas morning.  On the down side, suddenly we have stuff again and I have learned that the secret to keeping a clean and orderly house with 5 kids is to not actually have anything.  Now that we have stuff, the nightly rightual of picking all of our stuff up off the floor and cramming it somewhere so it can be redistributed onto the floor again the the next day has restarted.


No Toys? No problem.

Jazz entertains herself on the iPad.

Anna’s Pet…And we shall call him Squishy.

All of our stuff – including the kids toys – are somewhere in a container on top of the ocean. We have no TV or games, few books, and with school still a week away they have a lot of time. So the kids have to find other ways to entertain themselves.

Chase scales the living room.