Good Morning, Italy

OUR FIRST LEG of our three stop Italy tour was a little resort town by the name of Bocca di Magra directly on the Ligurian coast. Dad chose it because it was conveniently nestled between Cinque Terra and Pisa, but the kids instantly zeroed in on the possibility of the beach nearby.      The first day started with punky weather so the kids hung out of the window waiting for the word, and then packed up and headed out to the van to dip in the ocean for the very first time (they’ve seen oceans and seas, but never before had they actually swam in one).  Pics below, or full res images in Picasa here.

We just got back yesterday and are still recovering from our whirlwind tour of Italy, complete with stops in Cinque Terra, Pisa, Rome and Venice. We we are also having a minor computer catastrophe that nearly cost us our 1000 or so Italy pictures, but thankfully we are gaining ground on it all and will post a few of our experiences from Our Italian Adventures over the next couple of days.


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