The Internet is currently not available in your country.

I LEARNED TODAY that Spotify, the digital music service, at some point became available to customers in the US.  I hopped right over to register and received the completely expected following message.

Oh well,  I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. It took some time to come to the US, it will come to Germany eventually, right?  And besides, the Internet is a big place and there are always other ways to get music.  Like from Pandora, for example.

Or from Amazon Cloud?

Okay, fine. I’ll maybe something country from Walmart digital.

Aw, shucks. Well maybe it’s not the best way to listen to music, but when I’m desperate I know I can always head over to YouTube and find a teenager from Pocatello covering something from Miley Cyrus.

‘Sorry about that’ indeed.    Well, I guess streaming music is just not in the cards.  But I’m flexible, I can find better ways to wind down.   How about a movie? And who doesn’t use Netflix for movies these days?

WHAT!?! Hey,  I’ll settle for a bad movie. Hello, Hulu….

Oh hang it,  I thought the Internet was global?  They lied to me!  This is depressing.  Well when I’m down and out I know I can always count on Homer J. Simpson to cheer me up.

Or I usually really enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others.  Thank you ABC for Wipeout!

CBS? Late Night with David Letterman?

Oh well, I guess it turns out that the World Wide Web isn’t quite so…well, World wide.    Ah, but don’t feel too bad for us here, because we have all you could ever want of this:


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