The People You Meet at Brandenburg Gate

Kid: “Dad, why are the soldiers at Brandenburg Gate?”

Me: “Well, there used to be soldiers here who stood gaurd.  Now they are here so you can take your picture with them.”

Kid: “Dad, what is the big ugly guy painted white doing at Brandenburg Gate?”

Dad: “That’s a mime. They are all over in Europe.”

Kid: “Dad, why are there horses and Brandenburg gate?”

Me: “Um, I guess so you can take a ride on a carriage through the city.”

Kid: “Dad, why is there an American Indian at Brandenberg Gate?”

Dad: “Huh? Uh, I’m not really sure. Maybe because a lot of people in Europe really like the old west.”

Kid: “Dad, why is there a tiger at Brandenburg Gate?”

Dad: “That’s not a tiger up there, those are hors….oh, yeah, that.  I’m not really sure. I guess so you can get your picture taken with one.”

Kid: “Dad, why is the San Diego chicken at Brandenburg Gate?.”

Dad: “Thats not the San Diego Chicken.”

Kid: “Yeah OK,  but why is there a big yellow bird here?”

Dad: “I really don’t know.”

Wife:” Can you ask the man in the gorilla suit to stop scaring the children? ”

Dad: “Of Course honey.”


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