We did not visit Frankenstein Castle

FRIDAY MELISSA LEFT US for a girls weekend somewhere way North of here, not to return until Sunday.  That left just me, Grandma (visiting from the states) and the five rapscallions to find something to do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

I have found it sort of perturbs Melissa when we (me and some of the kids) go experience or see something new in Deutschland without her, and so although we have been itching to go check out the local Frankenstein Castle ruins for a while, out of respect we decided not to do that today.

We live about a 15 min train ride from the small town of Frankenstein (no, not that Frankenstein…unless it makes for a better story, then sure. That Frankenstein) and I drive through this little village every day on my way to work.  It has a regal looking castle ruins overlooking the town, and we had always been curious to go check it out.

But, since Melissa isn’t here, we did not go see it.  Specifically, we did not get on a train and head to Frankenstein. We didn’t hike up the hill and crawl all over the ruins.  We didn’t check out the church and cemetery and discover a WWI memorial in  it’s shadows, and we certainly didn’t take these pictures.   For all of that, we will wait until a time Melissa can join us.

That’s the type of guy I am.


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