Paris: The Highest Point

OUR DAY LONG POSTCARD TOUR OF PARIS ended at none other than the Eiffel tower.

After an already long day, our crew emerged from the subway station Bir Hakeim at the onset of dusk and walked directly towards the looming Eiffel.  We staved off the kids hunger pangs with a quick bite, sitting down to eat hotdogs and paninis on a bench directly underneath the tower. There, while endured the constant interruption of street vendors peddling all manner of Eiffel models, somewhere in the Eiffel a switch flipped and the tower changed from cold iron to suddenly bathed warm glow.   We finished up our dinner and headed directly to the top.

What we saw that evening probably made the entire trip worth it.  They say a picture is worth a thousand word, so here’s a dissertation  (Higher res images here).

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