There goes a Saturday.

Right after we moved her we piled the crew into the van one Saturday and drove 45 minutes to a big furniture store. We bought a few things to fill out the house.  After seven weeks and several phone calls (in Germanglish) it finally all arrived this Friday.   Phew!….glad to have all of that behind us.  Wait…um….  Here was our new computer desk fresh out of the packaging…

29 Separate Pieces

Fortunately, it came with these easy to follow step by step instructions…

This turned out to be a drastic underestimate…

Fortunately, I only have 3 more pieces to go.


1 thought on “There goes a Saturday.

  1. Well Aaron, unless things have changed since my kids were little, the computer desk will be good practice for you when your kids’ Christmas gifts arrive in the mail two days before Christmas. . . . and they all require assembly.

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