House hunting in Heidelberg.

We like our house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least look for other options.  We took the fam and walked through a little bungalow in Heidelberg today.  It was built around 1200 AD, and has been remodeled about seven times by the French, Swedes, a few other armies (not to mention a  couple of lightening bolts. It sleeps about 500, not including livestock.  It had a beatuful view of the Neckar River and a nice wine cellar (that held a 55,000 gallon barrel of wine). The only problems were the fixtures were a little dated and it’s a bit of a fixer-upper for our taste. I’m also not so sure of the plumbing system. Still was fun to look through.

BTW, one man’s coincidence is another man’s providence. Whatever you like to call it, try this one: We piled our family into our van and drove 50km to the city of Heidelberg, got lost a few times until we finally found a parking garage, found one of the few open spots and pulled up right next to a family unloading their van.  The mom turns to me and says (in English!)  “Is your name Aaron?”  I stood there dumbfounded for a second…but turns out we had pulled in next to the Van Essen family…their stats: another American family. From Iowa. With John Deere. And 5 kids.   We’d never met them before, although Melissa and Kimber had traded a few emails earlier in the week.   If you call it coincidence, then that’s almost spooky!


6 thoughts on “House hunting in Heidelberg.

  1. Say hi to to the Van Essens from the Vander Wiels. They went to Orchard Hill when they were here and we follow their blog too. Crazy story.

  2. Hey guys! The photos look wonderful. Any chance you have a few more? I was born in Heidelberg and would to see the town again without having to pay for a plane ticket.

  3. Great stories Aaron. What an amazing castle. We enjoy your blog and hearing all about your experiences. How ’bout that – a cat? Did he/she get to stay? Hugs to all.

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