Mikey likes it.

Our oldest daughter Anna is our picky one, and she was also the most resitive to moving to Germany. There had been a few tears along the way from her, even as recently as waiting to deboard the plane in Frankfurt.  So it’s a nice indicator of our adjustment so far when a few minutes ago I asked her what she thought of our adjustment to Germany and  she gave me a smile and a thumbs up.  Even thought we haven’t hardly a posession of our own here (the cars and furniture, dishes, silverware, and house itself are rental, and all we have is what we packed in our luggage) the kids haven’t lacked for anything. They explored the house, quickly discovered the idyllic backyard, walked to the store and stadtplatz for icecream, and today toured the neighborhood castle.   Four days in, its a kid paradise.   School starts next Friday, however, so in the words of our settling-in agent…”Lets ask again in 4-6 weeks”.

Kids posing in front of Hambacher Schloss. Anna calls it "Hamburger Schlop".


1 thought on “Mikey likes it.

  1. That’s awesome Aaron! I hope the family loves it. How long of a stint did you sign-up for there? Did you follow John’s lead and find a place around the army base, or somewhere else?

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